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Parking expert witness testimony — when provided by a knowledgeable, credentialed professional with decades of hands-on experience in the industry — can play a pivotal role in the outcome of a legal claim. A parking lot design expert witness can provide unbiased insight into various factors such as valuation, parking lot design, rate justification, and parking economics to help bolster a claimant’s case.

In addition to providing depositions and courtroom testimony to support litigation, a parking expert can also serve as a consultant in legal matters or in the design and planning stages for a new parking lot or structure.


Why Choose Hammerschlag & Co., Inc. As Your Expert Witness?


John Hammerschlag has spent over four decades in the parking industry as an owner, developer, investor, asset manager, provider of expert witness and advisory services, and operator. As an expert witness, he has testified in parking matters involving parking economics, parking rate justification, parking development nuances and metrics, and parking asset valuation. His outlook is unique in that he is independent and understands the dynamics of the local and national parking markets, the nature of parking competition, and the players involved.

As an owner of and investor in parking assets, he appreciates financial risk and understands the critical elements of parking development and valuation. He recognizes the important issues for which investors and financial institutions that fund his sponsored parking investments seek answers. Over the past several decades, he has developed quality relationships with attorneys across the country.

​Mr. Hammerschlag holds an MBA from the University of Chicago (1973) and a BSE from the University of Michigan (1970).

Professional Experience:

  • Commercial Lending Officer, Citibank, 1973-1976

  • President and CEO, General Parking (now InterPark), 1976 - 1991

  • Managing Partner, Central Parking venture in Chicago (now SP+), 1992-1995

  • President, Hammerschlag & Co, Inc., 1995-Present


He is a current member of the:

  • International Parking & Mobility Institute (Planning, Design & Construction Committee)

  • National Parking Association (Parking Consultants Council) where he formerly served as an officer and on its Board of Directors

  • YPO Gold - Chicago Chapter

  • Urban Land Institute (nationally on the Transit Oriented Development Council)

  • Economic Club of Chicago

  • Stuart Handler Department of Real Estate Advisory Committee at the University of Illinois-Chicago

  • Realty Club of Chicago

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