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Hammerschlag & Co., Inc. provides extensive experience as a parking consultant with wide-ranging capabilities.

  • Acquisition & Investment:  Our investments benefit from our hands-on approach through relationships with lenders; value-added capital improvement programs; third-party operator evaluation, selection, and supervision; and facility conversion to automated systems. Profitability and return on investment are maximized as a result of careful attention to detail.​​

  • Parking Expert Witness: Founder John Hammerschlag has more than four decades in the parking industry, providing financial, operations, and valuation expert witness services to legal counsel. As a leading expert witness company serving this specific niche, you can leverage our experience to strengthen your case.

  • Development: Our expertise enables us to influence and enhance any development project. You can rely on us as parking consultants to work alongside your team to ensure the best results. Our goal is to minimize risks, so you can meet your program goals.

  • Advisory Services: We serve developers, owners, investors, lenders, institutions, professional advisors, and managers of real estate assets across the country. Our knowledge and vast experience allow us to provide guidance on matters such as design functionality, construction issues, and parking operations.

  • Asset Management: With our practical knowledge and direct personal management style, we help our clients achieve optimal performance. Our diligence and keen oversight maximize the potential of your parking assets.

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No two parking projects are alike, but with decades of experience, we have the ingenuity and understanding to satisfy your requirements. Our experience includes residential buildings, multi-use properties, office buildings, and other real estate assets.  We can deliver results across all asset classes.


Parking is a unique niche within real estate and requires the specific know-how to maximize a property’s potential. We approach every project with a “common sense” owner’s perspective. Whether you’re in Chicago or across the country, Hammerschlag & Co., Inc. can provide the guidance and savvy needed to create success.

To learn more, please contact us.

Hammerschlag & Co., Inc.  has been a leading parking consultant for more than a quarter-century, providing parking development and other advisory services for projects across multiple real estate sectors. We also serve as an expert witness company for real estate establishments, law firms, and financial institutions, offering expert analysis and testimony on subjects ranging from parking asset valuation to parking rate justification.

Parking is a crucial element of any development and offers many challenges There are many factors to consider when planning a parking garage or lot, from regulatory matters and financial analysis to design considerations and operations. Real estate is a significant investment, and we can ensure a thorough plan for the parking component.

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